HFA.wood2Teak wood is of a beautiful distinctive appearance marked with irregular black lines or flecks in all-brown or brown & white planks . Once exposed to light over time it transforms to a reddish-brown, colour & after some years the red component disappears, leaving a beautiful rich dark-brown colour. The texture is fine and even, giving a smooth, hard surface; the grain is straight or slightly interlocked. The average density is about 0.9 (56 ib/ft3) which is appreciably harder & more durable than most other hardwoods.

Durability and preservative treatment
Teak is an extremely durable hardwood and is resistant to termites. With its natural oils it requires a little care or treatment to protect it from the elements in comparison to other timber.

Teak is widely used in the manufacture of furniture (indoor & outdoor), doors, decking & flooring.